Our Locally Owned Restaurant History

Toby’s Social House is one of the only locally owned restaurants in British Columbia, with a long, colourful history on Vancouver’s North Shore.

The Priatels are a long-time North Shore family who owned and operated the legendary Lynwood Inn Hotel and Tavern in North Vancouver for more than 80 years before closing its doors in 2012. At that time, they took the opportunity to open Toby’s Pub and Toby’s Liquor Store. The  Liquor Store is located in approximately the same location as the old Lynwood Hotel. And Toby’s Pub, now Toby’s Social House is across the street on Main Street, close to the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge.

The hospitality industry was a passion of the Priatels. The Priatels also owned and operated the Silvertone Tavern on Commercial Drive and 11th Street in Vancouver since 2001. In 2003, the Priatels did an impressive renovation on the historic two-story building, and converted it to a larger pub and private liquor store.

The pub on Commercial Drive operated for 18 years and became part of the fabric of Commercial Drive, fondly known locally as a favourite watering hole with great live music, local entertainment and dancing, serving local and city patrons alike. During the pandemic, the Priatels made the difficult decision to close Toby’s on the Drive in early 2021. The Commercial Drive neighbourhood community meant so much to the Priatels, that they decided to expand the existing Toby’s liquor store to make room for an even greater selection of wine, beer, spirits and unique offerings exclusive to Toby’s. The liquor store has a warm, boutique feel, with a large tasting room upstairs available for tastings, special events and dining occasions. The new Toby’s liquor store features decor and art from the original pub, and is still a key member of the Commercial Drive community.

On the North Shore, Toby’s Pub was recently renamed Toby’s Social House to reflect the importance of a gathering place for friends and families. As one of a handful of family owned restaurants on the North Shore, Toby’s Social House can offer a more unique experience that combines brew house offerings and atmosphere, with culinary genius. Toby’s Social House boasts a unique menu, with pub fare that is essentially elevated to bridge the familiar with tantalizing taste sensations. The menu features signature dishes made with locally sourced ingredient and dishes like the Classic Poutine, Perogies, and Yorkshire Pudding set Toby’s apart from the ordinary, and far from the franchised operations. Toby’s chefs are inspired to create a menu that is uniquely their own, and create inspirational dishes that would normally not be considered pub fare. 

Having a sibling in the business – Toby’s liquor store – has its benefits. Toby’s Social House boasts an extensive wine and prosecco list, as well as one of the largest selections of draught beers from craft and import brew houses. Toby’s also has unique offerings such as coolers and ciders, and a number of very respected, but less well known imported beers. There’s also some news on the brewing front with a new beer made especially for and exclusive to Toby’s, the Quarter Mile House Lager, from Bridge’s Restaurant, aptly named as the restaurant is only a quarter mile away.

Conveniently located on the corner of Marine Drive and Main Street in North Vancouver, Toby’s Social House is close to the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge and perfect for those commuting to and from the city, or those who work and  reside in the growing surrounding communities. With plenty of free parking and parking for cyclists as well, patrons do not have to worry about finding parking or feeding meters. The restaurant has ample seating and a large covered terrace with a fireplace which is perfect for any time of year. 

The bands that made the Commercial Drive pub so popular are now playing at Toby’s Social House, bringing live music to the North Shore. Favourites such as Johnny the Walkers will be part of the regular performers as well as other local bands and acoustic performers.  Toby’s also has comedy nights, karaoke nights and other events throughout the year. Stay tuned to find out about special events. 

Given the social and relaxed atmosphere, Toby’s is the perfect place to host corporate events, holiday parties or sports team get-togethers (there are plenty of big TV’s). 

At Toby’s Social House, customers come first, and the owners and staff work hard to make Toby’s your home away from home, with all the extras, welcoming you like a neighbour.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Toby’s Social House.